Moose Lewis with printed Xmas sweater bulk

With his super-detailed Christmas sweaters, Moose Lewis is sure to bring you in the Holiday spirit. The 4 different ‘ugly’ Christmas sweater prints (randomly mixed) suit everyone’s palate. Made with premium Belgian milk chocolate they don’t only look great, but they taste incredible as well! DCoré+, our new and patented technique to print on chocolate, allows us to add incredible detail and character to our already sweet looking chocolate figurines.


Additional information



Quantity per carton

8 pcs

Figurine weight

75 g

Figurine height

122 mm

Minimum order quantity

96 pcs

Palletization - Euro

12×8 (#/layer x # layers)

Palletization - Industrial

16×14/13 (#/layer x #layers)



Product type

Hollow 51-75g, Printed chocolate (DCoré+)

Figurine name

Moose Lewis with printed Xmas sweater bulk