Moose Lee with printed Xmas sweaters bulk

Moose Lee with his beautifully printed Christmas sweaters will definitely wow your customers! Thanks to DCoré+, our new and patented technique for printing on chocolate, we are able to add incredible detail and character to hollow chocolate figurines. The assortment of different designs will suit everyone’s palate. Moose Lee is sold in bulk so you can still decide how to pack it and make it a genuinely unique Christmas gift. Only premium Belgian milk chocolate based on a strict selection of Madagascar cocoa beans is used for all Belfine chocolate figures!


Additional information



Quantity per carton

24 pcs

Figurine weight

40 g

Figurine height

76 mm

Minimum order quantity

288 pcs

Palletization - Euro

12×8 (#/layer x # layers)

Palletization - Industrial

16×14/13 (#/layer x #layers)



Product type

Hollow 21-50g, Printed chocolate (DCoré+)

Figurine name

Moose Lee with printed Xmas sweaters bulk