Social responsible chocolate


ChocDecor supports sustainable and socially responsible cocoa farming to ensure ethical chocolate origin. So we put a genuine smile on everybody’s face.

Top quality chocolate starts with top quality cocoa. Our chocolate suppliers work directly with cocoa farmers and farmer cooperatives, providing training and support which enables them to improve the quality of their farms.

This results in more and better quality cocoa being produced, in a sustainable and responsible way, which consequentially improves the incomes and livelihoods of the cocoa farming community. It’s a win-win proposition for the cocoa farmers, for the planet and for all the people who get to indulge in our delicious Belgian chocolate.

Every year, ChocDecor throws its support behind a social responsibility program which incorporates aspects of the three main pillars:


Quality farms - providing training and support

Quality cocoa - paying an appropriate premium for high quality grades

Quality life - increasing farmers' incomes through improving production quantity and quality


All Belfine branded chocolate lollipops are made with sustainably grown cocoa beans.

If you are interested in working with ChocDecor to support a specific sustainability or social responsibility program, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.